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3pcs Wide Rolled Hem Foot Set

Create Professional Looking Hems With Half The Work!

Our  Wide Rolled Hem Foot Set  is the   perfect addition to your sewing kit! This set helps create   high-quality,   professional-looking hems  with ease, saving you time and effort on any sewing project.

You’ll love that it looks clean and professional on both sides. This definitely takes projects to the next level. Without a nice hem, a project can look unfinished .

Made with high-quality stainless steel, each hem foot is   compatible with almost all low-shank sewing machines. They're easy to use and install, making them a   convenient,   must-have tool for all sewing lovers!

The guide on the hemmer turns under the raw edge and allows it to be easily stitched into place, giving you professional-looking turned hems without the hustle of pre folding and ironing.

TIME-SAVER: Whether you're the occasional or frequent hemmer, this set is 100% guaranteed to save you time and frustration! We know all too well about how hard it is to get that truly perfect hem.

HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Made from durable materials that ensure each hem foot is of the utmost quality and will last a lifetime!

3 SIZES: Comes in ½”, ¾” & 1” sizes, giving you the flexibility to create the size of hem you want

WIDELY COMPATIBLE: Suitable for most household low-shank snap-on sewing machines including those from brands such as Brother, Singer, Baby Lock, Janome, and more! Suitable for use in any kind of hemming project

EASY TO USE & INSTALL: With convenience in mind, this set has been designed to be easy-to-use with a snap-on installation; truly a must-have in your sewing kit!


  • Hem Size:  ½”, ¾” & 1”


  • 3pcs Wide Rolled Hem Foot Set
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